ProActive has several programs designed to reach out into the community and expand community awareness regarding physical therapy. ProActive strives to educate the communities it operates in regarding preventative techniques. Some of these programs include:

  • Free Musculoskeletal Evaluations - ProActive offers free physical evaluations and consultations to provide the individual with information regarding potential risk factors or self-management of current injuries. Should further medical care be needed the consultations provide an excellent opportunity for medical referral or initiation of formal physical therapy intervention.
  • Health Fairs - ProActive's staff attends numerous health fairs throughout the Portland metropolitan area each year in order to educate the public regarding preventative and clinical treatment of various problems. We provide detailed presentations regarding various topics as well as provide handouts and answer question from attendees.
  • High School Athletic Training - ProActive's highly trained athletic trainers provide coverage for local athletic teams and events throughout the Portland metropolitan area. The athletic trainers provide preventative pre-game care as well as on the field injury assessment. This first responder relationship with the athlete facilitates a rapid and safe return of the athlete to competition.
  • Seminars and In-services - ProActive's staff of physical therapists, massage therapists and athletic trainers are available for detailed presentation in a variety of settings. Various businesses, athletic clubs, and risk management groups have requested presentations addressing specific issues. Some of the topics addressed have included ergonomics, injury prevention, body mechanics classes, the role of exercises and its considerations in wellness. Other topics addressed include job-site evaluations, work-site injury prevention, and repetitive stress injury prevention.