Physical Capacity Evaluation

Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCE/FCE) are comprehensive medical tests used to measure a person's functional level, typically after a work injury or long term disability. The test consists of a subjective section, physical evaluation, isometric strength, aerobic, lifting, and positional testing.

The primary goal of the PCE is to be valid, objective, accurate, reliable, and reproducible. The test can identify the individual's current physical and functional abilities, ability to return to a specific job or general work classification, and provide appropriate recommendations for further function problem resolution.

The ProActive PCE provides a high quality service that is standardized, accurate, and able to answer the referral questions to meet all the needs of the client, physician, and insurer.

Physical/Functional Capacity Evaluations are offered at our Gresham (503-328-0222) and West Vancouver (360-823-0138) locations.