Summer Strength and Conditioning

ProActive provides a Summer Strength and Conditioning Program for many of the local High Schools in the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Our Strength and Conditioning Program is an 8 week program designed to increase strength, quickness, and agility in the high school athletes that participate. We pride ourselves in having a scientifically designed strength and conditioning program that is prepared with the athlete's best interest in mind. The programs are time tested by literature and studies conducted from the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world from all aspects of sport.

Camp exercises include core strength training, body weight strength exercises, plyometrics, partner and individual stretching, weight lifting, cardiovascular conditioning, and speed training techniques. Dynamic warm-ups and static stretching are included to promote a proper warm-up, flexibility, and overall conditioning. Nutrition and hydration presentations are also given to inform and educate athletes on proper treatment of the body as an athlete.

Athletes in this Summer Camp have commented how the experience has been "...hard, challenging, fun, and helpful". More importantly, the athletes see results in all areas of strength, conditioning, and athletic performance. The athletes not only show pride in themselves, but also in their school.

These programs are taught by a Certified Athletic Trainer. The trainer can provide up to date knowledge, helping the players achieve their maximum potential. Coaches are impressed with the outcomes their athletes are getting which makes their job easier to concentrate on the X's and O's of the game. This program drawn has great support from the community, schools, and local general and orthopedic physicians. Developing raw, powerful, explosive athletes has led to countless success stories from ProActive's Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs.