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Several years ago I suffered one whole year with vertigo only to return a month ago. My optician sent me to ProActive Physical Therapy for Balance treatment.

My balance was unstable. I couldn't put one foot in front of the other and walk without holding on to a person or object. My balance has improved with the exercise I am following now and I feel better and am confident of what I am doing.

These therapists know what they are doing and stay right with you during the exercise program and let you how you are doing with each exercise. They ask all kinds of questions that will help them know exactly what program to recommend for you. During the exercise they will check on you. They ask if you are hurting or need water. In either case, they know what to do. If you are hurting they will stop the exercise immediately.

My son has severe back problems. I called him and recommended that he set up an appointment to see what they could do for him. I highly recommend them to anyone.

I feel much better now and will continue with the exercise the recommend for me.

B.K., Boring, Oregon

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Oregon City

I came in with chronic pain and was unable to do many of my daily activities, especially exercise. After my treatment I am now able to do ANY activity I want, even running, almost completely pain-free. Any pain is minor and is relieved with the exercises and stretching my therapist has given me. Thank you!

M.Y., Oregon City

I told my doctor "thank you so much" for recommending ProActive. I have been treated so well and with so much patience during my long treatment process. I can now go up and down stairs one step after the next, which is an extra bonus after the compression fracture of my back. Thank you to all the staff members, you have all been great. I will miss all and almost wish I wasn't getting so much better.

P.B., Oregon City

When I arrived at ProActive I could barely move or lift anything without intense lower back pain and muscle tightness. Jennifer and Ernie worked very diligently on a program for me for which I am internally grateful. I really didn't think I would be feeling so great in such a short period of time. I feel better now than I did before the injury. Thanks to everyone at ProActive!

M.D., Oregon City

With the help of ProActive I am on my way to feeling better than I have in years. I can exercise comfortably, navigate the many sets of stairs at school and not worry about being able to run around with the kids. If things start to hurt, I know what I can do to alleviate the pain. Thanks for all your help!

G.L., Oregon City

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After rotator cuff surgery, my shoulder and elbow were very tight and I was very limited in my range of motion. I was referred to Canby Physical Therapy by a friend and it has turned out to be an extremely valuable experience. All the staff have been friendly, fun, and helpful! They really cared about my individual progress and were pleased with my success! I have great range of motion now and my strength has definitely improved. This has been a truly wonderful experience!

C.B., Woodburn, Oregon

When I started PT I could barely move my wrist and had no idea the time and effort it would take to recover. During my time at Canby PT the therapists fully explained what was happening and knew how to make my recovery happen more quickly. I felt like every therapist truly wanted for me to recovery and cared about my recovery. It was unfortunate that I broke my wrist but I am very fortunate to have had excellent physical therapy with a very professional and capable group of people. A huge thank you to the entire staff!!!

A.D., Molalla, Oregon

When I first started with therapy I was in a lot of pain with very little motion. I really didn't think I was going to get better. The exercises that I learned were very gradual and very effective. After a little while my back feels back to normal. I can work my scheduled shift at work with no pain, I can sleep comfortably, and I can sit without aching pain. I am really grateful for all the work the therapists have done for me. I am glad I can go back to activities like riding bikes, playing sports with my son without the strain of my back hurting. Thank you!!!

W.G., Canby, Oregon

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West Vancouver

I just wanted to let you know I made it through the state racquetball tournament....and my shoulder is only a little sore. 😉 I fought all the way to the finals in both my divisions. I lost one in a tough tie-breaker and won the other. That makes me a state champ!

I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism. You are great at what you do. I really, really appreciate the attention and results I received from ProActive!!

M.T, Portland, Oregon

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East Vancouver

"When I first started coming to physical therapy, the pain shot from my lower back and down my right leg. I couldn't sit or bend over. After 3 visits the pain was no longer in my leg. . After 2 additional visits the pain was gone from my right glut. Yeah! I can sit and bend. The pain was so bad before that I thought I'd have it forever- pain pills, ibuprofen. I haven't has either since I began physical therapy. Thank you for giving me back my mobility. I would refer everyone to try physical therapy! It helps that everyone here is cheerful and positive. Great place to come when you're not feeling so upbeat!"

Diane C., Vancouver, WA

"When I started therapy at ProActive, the pain in my leg kept me from doing activities that I needed to do every day. Things like yard work, any athletic activities, and even walk the dog were impossible. Ryan quickly diagnosed the issue and started a regime of stretching followed by muscle strengthening. His explanation of the exercises and what they were addressing was excellent. His interest in me as a patient provided for open and honest communication about what worked and what didn't. I now have several tools to manage my pain and I believe I'll be able to management my pain with these tools."

Steve S., Camas, WA

"I am so grateful for ProActive as their staff is the most enjoyable, interesting, positive, and expertise have made my therapy something to look forward to. They kept me motivated even when they wanted involved some pain. I have increased my leg strength. Also, they have given me some very good advice about how to make myself comfortable or improve the pain level when I do experience a period of discomfort. They have improved my life. I look forward to visiting them again and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing professional physical therapy."

Katreena B., Vancouver, WA

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Vacouver-Salmon Creek

"I came to PROACTVE physical therapy after two months at another physical therapy clinic where 'some' range of motion had been restored. PROACTVE increased the range of motion and strength in my shoulder in less than 12 sessions to where I could go back to work with NO restrictions of light work limitations. I highly recommend PROACTVE for your physical therapy needs. Sarah (front office) is very cool and Steve (Clinic Director/Physical Therapist) is highly qualified."

J.G., Vancouver, WA

"I came in with severe SI joint pain on both sides. I had trouble walking to the car from the front door. I can finally walk with no pain and am learning new ways from Steve (Clinic Director/Physical Therapist) to do my everyday activities. This was an injury I have been suffering from for 3 years. The freedom to walk again is awesome and I thank ProActive daily for the wonderful results I have had. Thanks again all of you at the Salmon Creek office for the freedom on being able to walk pain free."

K.S, Vancouver, WA

"ProActive's staff helped in my recovery by working closely with my Doctor to identify my injury and aggressively treat it through a variety of different treatment methods. From entry to exit, an environment of healing is promoted in ProActive. I would highly recommend ProActive to my family and friends as a friendly and professional place that takes an interest in your healing process and well being."

T.M., Vancouver, WA

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Battle Ground

When I was in fourth grade I came down with an illness. At first we just thought it was the flu. After a while it became more severe than just your average flu. I was starting to get these awful gut wrenching pains. They would feel as if someone was stabbing me multiple times with knives and twisting them around inside me. There would then be short periods of time when I could not stop throwing up. It would go for weeks where I wasn't physically capable of keeping anything down. Even water would come back up. The vomiting absolutely burned my throat time and time again. It felt as if I lived in the bathroom. These things held me back from so much. I couldn't even leave my house to go through a drive through. I was never able to see my friends so around the end of fifth grade I was growing very lonely. I had done my research and wanted a dog. My parents had me write essays and read books about taking care of them so they knew I could own one. I ended up getting a black cocker spaniel named Scooby. Although he was always there to cuddle, he didn't make the pain go away. I was feeling so upset about being sick, despite the fact I had comfort with Scooby, I would always be crying about how I could never do anything. My parents pitied me, so my mom made phone calls and did years' worth of research.

She finally found this one form of physical therapy. In this therapy your digestive muscles get massaged so that they move the food through your system. My mother had searched and searched for someone that could do this kind of therapy. She finally found Joanie, a PT that could do this kind of therapy. She is the only person even somewhat close to us that could do this. We had made an appointment and it made me feel a little better. So we scheduled a weekly visit. After I finished this PT I was able to do so much more. It has been almost a year since I started going and now I am fourteen and very active. I was feeling so good physically I was able to join my schools volleyball team. This experience has benefited me in many ways.

Thank you Joanie.

Coco K.

Now thanks to ProActive, I can run and stand and sit more than I could before. I now have no problem in P.E. I can run, play and participate with my friends and improve my health. Also, now thanks to ProActive, I can play tennis and golf with my family. I can also walk without feeling a lot of pain to where it hurts so bad I couldn't walk. But the best thing is that I have a better time focusing in school with out having to think about the pain.

J. Wilson

When I first cam to ProActive, I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. I knew nothing about physical therapy, but Jeni changed that! Week after week she was encouraging and always knew the answers to all of my questions including new music artist! All kidding aside, she equipped me with the skills and knowledge to be successful in my therapy at home. I also have to say a big "Thank You" to Sally, Jordan, and Tommy. Sally took care of all my paperwork questions I had, and if she didn't know the answer, she would find it! Tommy and Jordan always made therapy fun and interesting. A big thanks to the entire ProActive team for helping me on my way to a full recovery!"

J. Palmer

When I first game into physical therapy, I wasn't able to throw a ball at all! But as the weeks went by I made a great improvement with my shoulder. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me! 🙂 I will totally tell people about this place! 🙂 And never forget you!!

J. Shaw

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