TMJ/TMD Program

Physical Therapy has been proven helpful in resolving TMJ/TMD. Physical therapists are trained professionals who help rehabilitate all types of physical injuries. ProActive physical therapists have many treatment techniques that have been proven helpful in managing TMD. Scientific research demonstrates that over 75% of TMD patients treated with conservative measures, such as physical therapy, have few or no ongoing symptoms of TMD.

Our physical therapy for TMD can reduce inflammation, restore function, reduce pain, and promote repair and regeneration of injured tissue.Exercises are important to maintain normal muscle function and comfort, increase muscle strength, develop normal coordination and stabilize the joint.

Physical therapy treatments may include:

  • Posture training focusing on the spine-head & jaw relationship.
  • Joint mobilization to improve range of motion and reduce disc displacement.
  • Pain management.
  • Ultrasound and iontophoresis to reduce inflammation and spasms, which will allow your joint to move easier.

A comprehensive physical therapy TMJ/TMD evaluation is performed that includes: a thorough history, muscle strength and range of motion evaluation, and joint mobility assessment, palpation of muscles both inside and outside your mouth, and bite examination. Once the problems are identified our physical therapy team works with the patient to develop a treatment plan that will help to minimize and eliminate pain, popping, cracking. Most of our patients return to eating what they want to, are able to talk without pain, and popping is eliminated.

Our experience with TMJ/TMD is that much of the pain can be eliminated. At ProActive we encourage you to be proactive with your health. We can help you eliminate pain you are having in your jaw while eating, talking, and even at rest. Call one of our clinics today for a free consultation visit, e-mail your questions (, or visit us online at for more information.